When choosing the perfect grill, it’s important to understand the different types and their functions, but also how each relates to your particular needs.

Types Of Grills

A charcoal grill is a popular choice among many who enjoy cooking in the great outdoors, but it also takes a little more time to prepare your food with the intense smoked flavor that’s a trademark characteristic of charcoal-grilled foods.

A gas grill, which averages out to be less expensive than charcoal when calculated on a per use basis, is also a popular choice.  It’s important to note that gas grills, however, have additional concerns and safety precautions that must be observed.

An electric grill is convenient for many people, including those who live in a condominium, apartment or other small home that has little or no backyard for grilling.  In these situations, the use of a gas or charcoal grill may not be safe, which is why an electric grill is a popular alternative.  All that’s required is a location close to an electrical outlet and the desire to enjoy grilled foods.

A smoker is for the serious grilling fan, who plans to cook a lot of food at one time.  This type of unit is ideal for backyard cookouts with a large group of friends or even a family reunion.  Their ability to cook a large amount of food makes them perfect for gatherings.

Choosing The Perfect Size

In addition to the type of grill, it’s important to consider the size of the unit when planning for a new purchase.  As the cook, you will need to know how often the grill will be used, what type of food will be prepared on it and how many people you will be serving at any given time.  It’s equally important to know how much space you have available for the grill itself.  As a general rule, grills are available in all shapes and sizes and knowing how much room you have will go a long way in choosing the perfect grill.

Accessorize Your Outdoor Kitchen

When choosing a grill, it’s also important to choose the right accessories to go along with it.  After all, a chef is nothing without the proper cooking utensils.  Some additional accessories to consider include cleaning tools for your specific grill and a protective cover to prevent damage.